Indonesia is known for its ancient temples

all of which are situated within the lush landscapes of the country. Each of the Hindu as well as the Buddhist temples present in the country have excellent craftsmanship and are built out of stone, which guarantees long-lasting structures. One can easily find themselves spiritually enhanced and in the lap of nature by visiting these temples. Let us take a look at a few of the most exquisite temples located in Indonesia.

Pura Besakih

This temple is situated in Bali, which is one of the several thousands of islands present in the country. Although the majority of the people living in Bali follow Islam, Bali is a Hindu island. Pura Besakih is the island’s largest as well as the holiest temple of the whole country. It is situated approximately above 1000 meters, on the slopes of Mt. Agung, which is situated in the eastern portion of the island. The view from this temple is astonishing since it covers the lush countryside as well as the volcano that is towering above.

Candi Plaosan

The most impressive fact about the Candi Plaoson temple is that the Muslim locals residing in the area respect this temple and proudly respect this central Java temple, even though it is dedicated to Hinduism and Buddhism. The main attraction of the 240+ perware temples is undoubtedly the dual viharas or the main shrine buildings. It is said that the shrine buildings present here are perhaps the best temple structures present in all of Java.

Sewu Temple

The universe of Buddhism is manifested in the main or central temple (Mahadeva) at the Sewu Temple. Coming out of the main temple are 4 rings, consisting of a total of as many as 250 small temples dedicated to several gods. The Sewu Temple holds the second position when it comes to the list of largest temples present on Java. The proximity between the temples suggests that Hindus and Buddhists lived together in harmony and peace.

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

The area where this temple is situated has cool air in addition to fog, both of which provide relief to the hot and tired travelers ascending from central mountains. This temple has been a place of worship for the Hindus since 1633. The temple was constructed to praise and present offerings to Dewi Danu, the goddess of water bodies such as lakes & rivers, as well as water. If you descend from the mountains, you will find several small temples, all of which are dedicated to feeding water to thirsty crops.


The Borobudur temple situated in central Java is the world’s largest temple for the Buddhists. What’s fascinating about this temple is that it has managed to survive volcanic eruptions, bombings, as well the devastating earthquake of 2006. The temple rises above breathtakingly stunning rice fields as well as their associated rice villages or kampungs. The temples sport a pyramidical design, and the fortified walls add to the sturdiness. The most impressive fact? This temple was built by hand back in the 9th century.

Indonesia is a land of many wonderful monuments, but the magnificent temples situated in the country stand out from among the other structures