Sirjackpot Casino Financially Supports New Indonesian Platform

Since the launch of our platform, we have worked with so many different companies to make it happen. With the help of many different online casinos, we were able to cover all the finances and expenses that were needed to create this website. First, we needed a professional web developer to develop this website for us. The company Web Heroes developed this easy-to-use platform with a clear and simple overview for our online traffic. The content that we used had to be from a reliable and trustworthy source. We asked many travelers and locals from Indonesia to write informative and relevant content, which we could publish on our website. The content needed to be included with helpful tips and fun recommendations. After launching our official website, as it is now, the available budget also came to an end.

Now, a few years later, Indonesia Forums is ready for a refreshing new style. Our online audience is changing and therefore we need to change as well. Our new future plans are based on providing our audience with a new corporate identity, amazing and refreshing content, informative articles and so much more. In order to turn these plans into reality, we had to find a company that would be willing to invest in our website. After a long search and many different meetings, we can now proudly announce our new collaboration with Sirjackpot casino which is a product thanks to a collaboration between the two famous companies leovegas casino and カジ旅! This casino is a very well known online casino that is operating Internationally. Because of our good relationship with the online gambling industry, it wasn’t really a big surprise that another online casino would financially support our company. The only thing that really surprised us was the fact that the head of marketing of Sirjackpot Casino also happened to be Indonesian!

What can you expect as our loyal reader? Well, we can’t really tell you all the exact details yet, but we can ensure you that it will be amazing! Indonesian Forums will provide you more variety of information about places to stay and accommodations, new and highly recommended restaurants and local news. In the meantime, our recent website will stay available for the people that would like to read the already published information. Indonesian Forums will make sure that the website will be accessible at all times during this transformation and we would do anything to keep the system up and running while changing our server. The forum will be open for all existing members, which means that it is not possible to sign up as a new member during the website transition. However, if you send us an email, we can provide you with a general login, so that you will be able to enter the forum without any problems.

The most exciting part of our new website are the articles that the Indonesian blogger Reeva will write for us. She will visit the most wonderful sightseeings in Indonesia and also try out new restaurants and hotels. Follow our social media channels to read more information about the launch of our new website. We would like to thank Sirjackpot for their generous support and we are looking forward to surprise everybody with our new and modern web design!