Move to Indonesia

When considering moving to Indonesia, there are a lot of things to take care of. In this day and age, one of the primary needs is communication. Internet and phones in Indonesia are accessible. There are a number of ISPs available in Indonesia with which you can subscribe. You can find fiber optic, satellite, cable and other ways. The best option is probably to buy a USB Wi Fi modem.

Cellphone service in Indonesia is mostly run with international phone cards. In order to top up minutes, you need to give the street vendors your SIM card number and some money. When you go over there, contact your service provider and see what options you have.

Before you gain access to Indonesia, you’re going to need to have the correct paperwork. Recently, the visa process has become a lot less complicated so relocating might be easier. There is still a level of confusion about it though.

A passport will cover you for less than 30 days for citizens of more than 140 countries. Some citizens receive a free visa upon entry. Other citizens need to pay a fee. Research the requirements for your situation. If you accidentally overstay your visa, there is a fee assigned.

If you plan on living and working in Indonesia, then you must obtain a work permit. The process takes 2-3 months and costs around 900 to 1400 USD. A working permit requires different information such as the color scan of your passport, resume, university credentials, work certificate and health insurance. You can also have a sponsor company who will need to provide information. Other necessary items include a police certificate of good conduct and a copy of your fingerprints. When it goes through, your company will ask you to go to the Indonesian embassy and officially apply there. The government likes to see that you have the ability to speak Indonesian so it would be necessary to learn certain phrases.

The KITAS can be for work and you also would need to get one for your family.

If you’re moving there and are associated with a company, then the best way to find housing is through the company. Network with current residents and see what is available. Another way to find somewhere to live is to find someone who lives there and see if they have any spare room. The average costs to live and work in Indonesia monthly is around 500 to 600 dollars.

There are a few things to take into consideration. One is that hot water is very rare in Indonesia. Many places do not have running water and are reliant on a well or a pump. Unless you have a sponsor or citizenship you can’t buy property so finding a place to rent will require effort. The internet makes networking and researching much easier so find out what places are available and see if you can secure a lease or rental agreement.