Indonesia offers one of the best hiking experiences to travelers in the whole world.

Imagine this view – The glowing sun emerging from behind the misty fog, an appealing blue fire in addition to the lively animals such as exotic orangutans – this is a small summation of a view that travelers witness. To enjoy the country’s most diverse landscape views, the best way is to see them from an elevated height. Tourists are assured of witnessing some beautiful views of picturesque mountaintops and hills as well as bays by getting their hiking boots dirty in Indonesia. Let us look at some of the best hikes available in the country of Indonesia.

Mount Kelimutu

Mount Kelimutu is known for the differently-colored lakes situated on top of it, which is collectively given the name of Kelimutu Lake. The volcano is situated at the height of around 1600+ meters. The lakes add to the picturesque beauty that the mountain provides. The trail of hiking to the mountain’s peak is very convenient to wade through. The gates for hiking open up at around 4:30 in the morning, which is the perfect time to catch a glimpse of the beautifully gleaming sunrise.

Mount Bromo

A trip to Mount Bromo includes a minimum of two sessions: The first one being the beautiful sunlight at Mt. Panajakan, in addition to the breathtaking view of the mountain and secondly, a hike to the very top of Mt. Bromo to witness the massive crater. It almost requires no effort to reach the top of the mountain, only if travelers and tourists rent out a jeep to travel to the base of the mountain by riding a horse. Adventurous tourists choose to walk through ‘Sea of Sand’.

Mount Batur

Unlike most hiking trips, the hike to Mt. Batur starts in the darkness of the night. However, it ends in Bali’s gleaming sunrise which tourists get to witness from the top of the mountain. The hike is almost 1720m long, and it roughly takes around three hours to complete. This hike gives you enough time to catch your breath again before you lose it again when you experience the sunrise from the mountaintop.

Mount Ijen

Globally renowned for its “blue fire”, Ijen’s rare naturally-occurring phenomenon is worthwhile for passing through sulfur fumes. If you want to witness the astonishing phenomenon, you will need to start hiking around 2 am ar night. The breathtakingly stunning color show can only be observed before sunrise. The hiking trail of the mountain is rather rough, which is why it takes more than two hours to summit through.

Baliem Valley

Situated in Papua, the trip to the valley demands lots of things from the tourist, namely time, energy, and lastly, money. However, it will all be worth it when you see the spectacular view which is not seen by many people, and the encounters with tribes will be very satisfying as well. A guide will be present to make sure that you know and enjoy even the minutest details about the place. A normal journey through the valley takes around 6-8 days. The time usually depends on the route that you follow.

If you want to experience the best hikes, Indonesia has tons of hiking spots ready and waiting for you.