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With a population exceeding 270 million, Indonesia sits beautifully on the Indian Ocean and homes a unique and vibrant culture. About 85% of the Indonesian citizens are Muslims, and hence as a nod to religious sentiment, the country has banned all types of gambling activities.

Despite the blanket bans, Indonesia is also home to several top tourist attractions, which actually house quite a good number of gambling activities. Gambling activities flourish via underground arcades and sports betting circles, which somehow manage to evade the laws. Here is a guide to everything related to casinos and gambling in Indonesia.

Is Gambling Legal In Indonesia?

As mentioned earlier, gambling is declared illegal as per the Indonesian laws. In the past, the government tried to introduce lotteries but soon withdrew the plans due to protests from the majority of the people. Online gambling, while still being popular among Indonesian players, can still land a person in jail.

Gambling of any form is deemed illegal for both locals and foreigners in Indonesia. Surprisingly while other Asian countries have been increasingly being more open to casinos and gambling, Indonesia continues to have a strict policy against gambling.

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Where Do People Gamble In Indonesia?

Even with the strict laws and restrictions, gambling has found its way into many Indonesian people’s hearts. They somehow find ways to gamble using underground casinos and sports betting networks.

Popular tourist spots like Jakarta and Bali are known for such casinos with slot machines and poker tables. These casinos used to have exclusive memberships and limited entry. But the risk and expensive membership fee have made these underground casinos kind of obscure, and people find it easier to go to the nearby Singapore or Macau to satisfy their gambling desires.

But gambling in the form of betting small games like cockfights, pool, board games, or dominoes remains to be popular among the middle-class Indonesians.The latest favorite for Indonesians for gambling is the online casino sites. As online sites are easy to access and pose a lesser risk, many Indonesians have found it their favorite way to enjoy gambling. 

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While no proper online casino sites are operating from Indonesia due to strict laws, other surrounding Asian countries are more welcome towards online casinos and gambling in general. The market is considerably bigger in countries like Thailand and Japan. These countries have diverse options and specialized casino sites that cater to the local, regional market.

For instance, the Casitabi online casino site is a popular gambling site that caters specifically to the Japanese audience. It provides Japanese language support, currency support, specially designed aesthetics, gameplay, and unique choice of games. Some of the games provided by the Casitabi are truly unique. It has a large set of slots, adventure-based role-playing games that are popular among the Japanese players.

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The craze for casinos in the country is at an all-time high, such that various players also gamble on international casinos that accept Indonesian players. All in all, it can be said that the gambling industry in Indonesia is growing at a rapid rate, and will soon witness major advancements happening.