Indonesia is situated in South-Eastern Asia.

The country is widely recognized for its massive size as well as the high density of the population. Indonesia is yet another happening country that refuses to sleep and is continuously in hustle & bustle with daily life.

Every place in Indonesia entertains itself in a different way. Since there is extreme versatility when it comes to religions and cultures as well as lifestyles, the definition and meaning of fun differ from place to place. The ways in which the citizens entertain themselves is a well-blended mixture of modern, traditional as well as non-local entertainment. Few of the conventional forms of entertainment include puppet shows such as Wayang, dances of the traditional styles, comic shows, etc.

When it comes to music, individuals take a keen interest in regional as well as national and international forms of music. Some of the popular music shows include rock music shows, pop shows, country music as well as jazz music show performances by artists. Most people prefer watching movies and shows on weekends. The weekday activities include listening to popular radio shows & watching TV shows. The people of Indonesia like watching Indian as well as Kung FU-based movies.

Indonesians also love to watch and play various forms of sports. In Indonesia, sports is considered as a form of entertainment by most Indonesians. A few of the many popular sports in Indonesia include badminton, football as well as basketball, etc. Talking about the most popular form of sports, basketball surely occupies the favorite spot. This fact is evident because Indonesia, as a country, has received several medals and trophies. Badminton is also very popular, and its popularity is clearly justified by the fact that Indonesia has won several gold medals in the official Olympic games. Local as well as national sports events are also held, which gives Indonesians a chance to witness commendable displays of sports.

Most of the Indonesian cities are still rural. However, major cities of the country such as Jakarta & Bali are the perfect spots for clubbing and partying, as there are tons of nightclubs, pubs, and bars situated in the urban cities. Most Indonesians prefer visiting restaurants and clubs on weekends to chill out and let go of the stress they had been holding on to for the whole week. Eating out and drinking is one of the most famous activities, and Indonesians indulge in it as a form of relaxation. Beach parties and events are common due to the presence of several beaches.

Eating out is another activity that is very famous in Indonesia. To let go of the monotonous routine of daily life, Indonesians go out to eat with their family and friends. They usually go out on weekends. If you want to go and eat out in a restaurant, it is highly advised that you be aware of the costs before stepping out. A meal for two persons will cost around 20000 Rp (at a high-end restaurant).
There are tons of entertainment activities that one can indulge in if they are in Indonesia. The activities include everything, ranging from sports to music shows.